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Bulgarian Bridal Customs

21 Tháng Mười Hai, 2023
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It’s a great idea to incorporate bulgarian wedding customs into your special moment to give it more level and significance. These kinds of traditions, which range from kneading in the bakery to flinging the bouquet and slicing of the pie bulgarian brides, are deeply ingrained in history and culture and will add to the uniqueness of your wedding.

Some Bulgarian families have their own distinctive marriage customs, some of which date back thousands of years. The Bible actually makes reference to a few of these! Traditionally, the marriage ceremony is held at the couple’s kids’ house or in the temple. Following that, a welcome with food and music is held, frequently at the couple’s kids’ house.

The groom’s father and the best man frequently assist one another during the “gelina” ( gee- ling ell) ceremony. At this point, the wedding drives the wedding to his home in a customary horse-drawn vehicle where he introduces her to the household by having her help with household tasks like cooking, spinning wool, and laundry. It’s a means for him to convey to his family that she is welcomed in the novel house and that he has sufficiently faith in her to manage the residence.

For a large wedding, Bulgarian ancestors used to hang flags, or ceremony banners. They were typically positioned substantial in the vicar’s home and pointed at the moon, which represented excellent riches for the newlyweds. The wedding would reach down a tree in the forest to start the process of making the bride symbol. The tree’s selection was crucial because it had to produce fruits and get healthy.

Another custom from weddings is when the bride’s family makes a pomegranate flower, which is typically worn on the scalp. It is thought to bring good fortune and shield the wife from evil spirits. Some weddings moreover wear purple on their mask to symbolize their ability to withstand hardships in marriage.

The couple normally signs their civil wedding documents outside the city company, either at the town hall or at a designated outdoor location, after the religious ceremony is finished. The bride and groom perhaps attempt to move on each other’s feet during the civil festival, which is thought to establish who will be in charge of the union.


The newlyweds are greeted with a piece of ritual bakery that has been first spicy and then dipped in honey following the signing of the documents. Ocean is even poured over the pair by the bride’s family, which is another indication of good things to come for them. Some couples also decide to use this chance to possess pictures taken in the conventional bride vehicle. Finally, the couple will receive congratulations from every guest at the reception, whether it be at their parents ‘ residences or the wedding location. This portion of the celebration is frequently colorful and enjoyable. The bride’s girl, or “kuma,” furthermore contributes significantly to the celebration by giving the couple items and approving them.

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